Animation | The life of recycled paper

Animation: life of recycled paper . This is my graduation project for the Master Animation at AKV St. Joost Avans Den Bosch, T

Animation | Winner entry open call

Winner entry of the ‘We are Playgrounds open call’.Challenge: create new work with the source from openbeelde

Illustration | Port of Amsterdam

Animation illustration series for Port of Amsterdam. They created a new tool.  Which can be used to make reservations at

Animation | Gif explainer series

Gif animation explainer series for a start-up that wanted to show how you can measure yourself as part of their developing app

Illustration | Port of Amsterdam

illustration series for Port of Amsterdam. Port of Amsterdam created a new app. The “mobi” app, which can be used

Animation | Screen time

Assignment for the AKV St. Joost master animation course, where I did research of how screen time affects the human life. As a

Animation | SaaS Bazen

Campaign GIFS for Saas Bazen. On behalf of Nordhaven I created moving banners, which are short animation for the dutch SaaSBaz

Animation | GIF

Animation & GIF overview; very short animations that can explain an product or service or as a redirect for a 404 page. Gi

Animation | Jumbo werkt

Animation for Jumbo.  asked me to design an instagram post & snapchat for their client; a dutch supermarket

Stopmotion | Gorilla baby

Stopmotion Gorilla Baby: a video based on a series of pictures. I created a story of a monkey who liked to play with pain