Illustration | Hygoncare

Illustration series while working at the dare company on behave of Hygoncare. It’s a webshop that sells products to prev

Painting | Nature leafs

During the pandemic I created a series of nature painting. I used pencils on paper and acrylic for these series. The paintings

Animation | SaaS Bazen

Campaign GIFS for Saas Bazen. On behalf of Nordhaven I created moving banners, which are short animation for the dutch SaaSBaz

Visual design | icons

For the website I created a set of illustrations icons that represents their functions and lead the customer t

Infographic | Cloud2

Infographic for cloud2. A company that creates cloud solutions. An infographic is a spread sheet that explains a product or se

Illustration | Architecture

Illustration series of architecture buildings. As a daughter of an architect I was raised with many trips to buildings across

Illustration | Tropical painting

Tropical painting series created with acrylic paint on canvas. The paintings reflect jungle leafs. We’re now living in a d

Creative content | Design

Creative content design is a variation of visual content. The creative content is part of digital campaigns for dutch brands.

Illustration | Postcards

Christmas postcards. For the furry and warm cozy time of the year; December! Each postcard has it’s own fun illustration

Illustration | animation

Illustration series for animation that I had to create at the AKV St. Joost master animation course. The illustratio

Animation | GIF

Animation & GIF overview; very short animations that can explain an product or service or as a redirect for a 404 page. Gi

Visual design | Poster

Illustration & poster design. Do you have an upcoming event, want to gain more attention? Hire me to design a custom poste